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About Us

We pride ourselves in delivering bespoke tailored programmes for each and every individual and recognise that every client is unique.


Privately owned, we have the flexibility, expertise and client focus needed to support the demands placed on senior management and HR professionals during transitional and organisational change.


Working in partnership with organisations from FTSE 100 companies through to SME’s in the private, public and the 3rd sector.


We have a national network delivering support throughout the length and breadth of the UK and we have established and maintained credible relationships based on an understanding of sector knowledge, client needs, culture, trust and confidentiality.


We believe our people and resources can provide your organisation and individuals with effective solutions and the confidence and direction to enhance personal and company performance enabling your employees to take control of their future.


With a team of professional coaches throughout the UK, Credo can support individual corporate clients, small groups and large scale projects including downsizing, relocation and closure. The quality and experience of our coaches and client service team together with the service we deliver is paramount and something we are very proud of.


Our portfolio of bespoke support services allows companies and individuals alike to take control of their future and grow through change. Whether developing within the business or leaving the organisation, Credo puts your people first to ensure they feel supported through their change, and gives them the skills, guidance and confidence to succeed in the future.


The success of Credo has been demonstrated by the long standing relationships created by our partnership approach with our Corporate clients, together with the consistent positive feedback from individuals who have been on a Credo journey.




We are committed to understanding the unique requirements of our clients and delivering a flexible service based on the following key principles.

  • Client-Focused Approach: Working in partnership with organisations to create effective long term working relationships.

  • Tailored Service: Creative, digital and practical solutions matched to the specific needs of the business and the individual.

  • Account Management: Securing trust and ensuring results with continuous dialogue and reporting throughout the duration of the programs.

  • Measurements of Success: Regular review meetings arranged.

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